Guarianthe hennisiana

Dendrophylax to Dipodium

Houlletia tigrina Dendrophylax is also known as Polyrrhiza or Polyradicion; Dichopus is also known as Dendrobium; Dichromanthus is also known as Stenorrhynchos; Dienia is also known as Malaxis; Dimerandra is also known as Epidendrum; Dinema is also known as Encyclia; Diodonopsis is also known as Pleurothallis or Pteroon; Diplocaulobium is also known as Dendrobium; Diplodium is also known as Pterostylis. Figures in brackets are the width of the flower.

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Dendrophylax sallei (60mm)

Diadenium micranthum

Diadenium micranthum

Dichaea costaricensis (8-9mm)

Dichaea glauca (13-15mm)

Dichaea graminoides

Dichaea graminoides (13-15mm)

Dichaea hystricina (20mm)

Dichaea lankesteri (7mm)

Dichaea morrisii (25mm)

Dichaea muricatoides (10mm)

Dichaea muricatoides (15mm)

Dichaea panamensis (10mm)

Dichaea panamensis (7mm)

Dichaea pendula (12mm)

Dichaea trichocarpa (17-18mm)

Dichaea trichocarpa (13-14mm)

Dichopus insignis (23mm)

Dichopus insignis

Dichromanthus aurantiacus

Dichromanthus aurantiacus

Dienia ophrydis (4mm)

Dienia ophrydis (3mm)

Dilochia parviflora (22mm)

Dilochia parviflora (22mm)

Dilochia wallichii (30mm)

Dimerandra buenaventurae (33mm)

Dimerandra emarginata (35mm)

Dimerandra emarginata f. alba (19mm)

Dimorphorchis graciliscapa (Apical flower 60mm)

Dimorphorchis graciliscapa (Basal flower 60mm)

Dimorphorchis lowii (Apical flower 50mm)

Dimorphorchis lowii (Basal flower 50mm)

Dimorphorchis rossii (Apical flower 32-35mm)

Dimorphorchis rossii (Basal flower 38-40mm)

Dinema polybulbon (25-28mm)

Dinema polybulbon (23-26mm)

Dinema polybulbon (25-26mm)

Diodonopsis anachaeta

Diodonopsis erinacea (20mm)

Diodonopsis erinacea

Diplocaulobium bicolor

Diplocaulobium bicolor

Diplocaulobium chrysotropsis

Diplocaulobium chrysotropsis (29-35mm)

Diplocaulobium hydrophilum (45-50mm)

Diplocaulobium hydrophilum

Diplocaulobium jadunae

Diplocaulobium obyrnei

Diplocaulobium obyrnei

Diplocaulobium pulvilliferum (68mm)

pulvilliferum (65-80mm)

pulvilliferum (68mm)

Diplocaulobium pulvilliferum

Diplocaulobium pulvilliferum

Diplocaulobium regale

Diplocaulobium regale (65mm)

Diplocaulobium tentaculatum

Diplocaulobium tentaculatum (43-45mm)

Diplodium alatum
Diplodium alatum (10mm) Diplodium alveatum (24mm)

Diplodium brumale (30mm)

Diplodium brumale (30-50mm)

Diplodium decurvum (20mm)

Diplodium decurvum (20mm)

Diplodium fischii (30mm)

Diplodium grandiflorum (15mm)

Diplodium grandiflorum (31mm)

Diplodium laxum (40-46mm)
Diplodium laxum (50-60mm)

Diplodium longicurvum

Diplodium longipetalum

Diplodium longipetalum (42mm)

Diplodium obtusum (35mm)

Diplodium obtusum

Diplodium reflexum

Diplodium reflexum (45mm)

Diplodium revolutum (52mm)

Diplodium revolutum

Diplodium robustum

Diplodium robustum (35mm)

Diplodium russellii (20mm)

Diplodium russellii

Diplodium torquatum (25mm)

Diplodium torquatum

Diplodium trullifolium

Diplodium trullifolium (46mm)

Diplodium truncatum (60mm)

Diplodium truncatum

Dipodium chanii

Dipodium paludosum

Dipodium punctatum

Dipodium purpureum

Dipodium variegatum


All photographs are Gary Yong Gee