Guarianthe hennisiana

Cynorkis to Davejonesia

Houlletia tigrina Cyrtochiloides and Cyrtochilum are also known as Oncidium; Davejonesia is also known as Dendrobium. Thank you Stig Dalström for help with some Cyrtochilum determinations. Figures in brackets are the width of the flower.

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Cynorkis angustipetala (18-20mm)

Cynorkis angustipetala

Cynorkis compacta

Cynorkis compacta (6-7mm)

Cynorkis fastigiata

Cynorkis lowiana

Cynorkis ridleyi

Cypripedium dickinsonianum (27mm)

Cypripedium dickinsonianum (27mm)

Cypripedium formosanum

Cypripedium irapeanum (110mm)

Cypripedium irapeanum (70mm)

Cypripedium plectrochilum (20-33mm)

Cypripedium reginae

Cypripedium tibeticum

Cypripedium tibeticum (65mm)

Cyrtochiloides cardiochila (25mm)

Cyrtochiloides panduriformis (10mm)

Cyrtochiloides panduriformis (12mm)

Cyrtochiloides riopalenqueana (20mm)

Cyrtochiloides riopalenqueana (20mm)

Cyrtochilum cimiciferum (28mm)
Cyrtochilum cimiciferum (13mm) Cyrtochilum cochleatum (22-29mm) Cyrtochilum cochleatum (22-29mm) Cyrtochilum davisii (40mm)

Cyrtochilum detortum (50-55mm)

Cyrtochilum diodon (16-17mm)

Cyrtochilum divaricatum (32mm)

Cyrtochilum eduardii (20mm)

Cyrtochilum eduardii (28-30mm)

Cyrtochilum engelii (40mm)

Cyrtochilum fractiflexum (14-17mm)

Cyrtochilum geniculatum

Cyrtochilum gracile

Cyrtochilum halteratum

Cyrtochilum lamelligerum (55mm)

Cyrtochilum lamelligerum (68-70mm)

Cyrtochilum leopoldianum

Cyrtochilum loxense (50mm)

Cyrtochilum macranthum (60mm)

Cyrtochilum murinum (12mm)

Cyrtochilum myanthum

Cyrtochilum myanthum

Cyrtochilum pardinum

Cyrtochilum parviflorum (10mm)

Cyrtochilum ramosissimum

Cyrtochilum ramosissimum (35-40mm)

Cyrtochilum retusum (17mm)

Cyrtochilum rhodoneurum (8mm)

Cyrtochilum rusticum (20mm)

Cyrtochilum soennermarkii (11mm)

Cyrtochilum soennermarkii (11mm)

Cyrtochilum sphinx (14-18mm)

Cyrtochilum tricostatum (13mm)

Cyrtochilum trifurcatum (60mm)

Cyrtochilum trifurcatum

Cyrtochilum villenaorum (38-42mm)

Cyrtochilum volubile (40mm)

Cyrtochilum volubile

Cyrtochilum williamsianum (18mm)

Cyrtopodium gigas

Cyrtopodium glutiniferum

Cyrtopodium punctatum

Cyrtopodium punctatum (27-35mm)

Cyrtorchis arcuata (32-35mm)

Cyrtorchis arcuata (50-55mm)

Cyrtorchis lindleyana Cyrtorchis lindleyana (30-40mm)
Cyrtorchis lindleyanaCyrtorchis lindleyana (30-40mm) Cyrtorchis praetermissa (16mm)

Cyrtorchis praetermissa (16mm)

Cyrtostylis huegelii (16mm)

Cyrtostylis reniformis (4-11mm)

Cyrtostylis reniformis

Cyrtostylis robusta (21mm)

Dactylorhiza foliosa (17mm)

Dactylorhiza fuchsii

Davejonesia lichenastra (7mm)

Davejonesia lichenastra (7-8mm)

Davejonesia prenticei (8-9mm)

Davejonesia prenticei (8mm)


All photographs are © Gary Yong Gee