Guarianthe hennisiana

Cohniella to Cymbidiella

Houlletia tigrina Cohniella is also known as Oncidium or Trichocentrum; Coilostylis is also known as Epidendrum; Colombiana is also known as Pleurothallis; Comparettia is also known as Scelochilus; Condylago is also known as Pleurothallis or Stelis; Corybas is also known as Anzybas, Corysanthes, Gastrosiphon, Molloybas, Nematoceras or Singluarybas; Corysanthes is also known as Corybas; Crepidium is also known as Malaxis; Crocodeilanthe is also known as Pleurothallis or Stelis; Crossoglossa is also known as Malaxis; Cuitlauzina is also known as Osmoglossum or Palumbina; Cyclopogon is also known as Beadlea; Cylindrolobus is also known as Eria. Figures in brackets are the width of the flower.

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Cohniella ascendens (12-15mm)

Cohniella ascendens (12-15mm)

Cohniella cebolleta (15-18mm)

Cohniella cebolleta (12mm)

Cohniella jonesiana

Cohniella stipitata (19-20mm)

Coilostylis ciliaris (63-68mm)

Coilostylis ciliaris (65mm)

Coilostylis falcata (60-65mm)

Coilostylis falcata (65-75mm)

Coilostylis lacertina (70mm)

Coilostylis lacertina (70mm)

Coilostylis oerstedii (55mm)

Coilostylis oerstedii (55mm)

Coilostylis parkinsoniana (115mm)

Coilostylis parkinsoniana (85-110mm)

Coilostylis vivipara (53-55mm)

Colombiana penicillata (3mm)

Colombiana silverstonei (14mm)

Colombiana silverstonei (14mm)

Comparettia coccinea

Comparettia falcata (13-15mm)

Comparettia falcata (13mm)

Comparettia ignea (17-23mm)

Comparettia macroplectron (27mm)

Comparettia macroplectron (27mm)

Comparettia speciosa

Comparettia speciosa (26mm)

Condylago rodrigoi (8mm)

Condylago rodrigoi (9mm)

Coppensia caldensis (19-22mm)

Coppensia caldensis (15mm)

Coppensia flexuosa (13-15mm)

Coppensia flexuosa (11-13mm)

Coppensia ramosa (22mm)

Coppensia varicosa var. insignis (22-25mm)

Corybas barbarae (10mm)

Corybas cheesmanii (6mm)

Corybas cheesmanii (6-7mm)

Corymborkis veratrifolia (30mm)

Corymborkis veratrifolia

Corysanthes diemenica (10mm)

Corysanthes diemenica f. virida (12mm)

Corysanthes fimbriata

Corysanthes hispida (35mm)

Corysanthes pruinosa (17mm)

Cranichis fertilis (1.5mm)

Cranichis polyantha (10mm)

Crepidium purpureomaculatum

Crepidium purpureomaculatum

Cribbia confusa

Crocodeilanthe velaticaulis (2mm)

Crossoglossa aurantilineata (5mm)

Cryptarrhena lunata (8mm)

Cryptocentrum calcaratum (18-22mm)

Cryptocentrum pergracile (20mm)

Cryptocentrum roseans (10mm)

Cryptocentrum standleyi (12mm)

Cryptocentrum standleyi (12mm)

Cryptostylis acutata (20mm)

Cryptostylis erecta (20mm)

Cryptostylis subulata (37mm)

Cuitlauzina pendula (40-42mm)

Cuitlauzina pendula (50mm)

Cyanicula caerulea (25mm)

Cyanicula caerulea (25mm)

Cyanicula sericea (20mm)

Cyanicula sericea (35mm)

Cyclopogon congestus

Cyclopogon epiphyticus (10mm)

Cyclopogon epiphyticus (10mm)

Cyclopogon lindleyanus (5mm)

Cyclopogon lindleyanus

Cycnoches barthiorum (female) (80-90mm)

Cycnoches barthiorum (male) (50mm)

Cycnoches barthiorum (male) (35-40mm)

Cycnoches chlorochilon (male) (105mm)

Cycnoches chlorochilon

Cycnoches chlorochilon

Cycnoches cooperi (male) (80mm)

Cycnoches cooperi (male) (65mm)

Cycnoches herrenhusanum (male) (50-55mm)

Cycnoches herrenhusanum (male) (35-40mm)

Cycnoches loddigesii (male) (100-120mm)

Cycnoches pentadactylon

Cycnoches pentadactylon (male) (65mm)

Cylindrolobus brachystachyus (10mm)

Cylindrolobus brachystachyus (20-21mm)

Cylindrolobus kalakabanensis (25mm)

Cylindrolobus kalakabanensis (25mm)

Cylindrolobus mucronatus (22-23mm)

Cylindrolobus pilifer (18mm)

Cymbidiella pardalina (72-80mm)


All photographs are Gary Yong Gee